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Have a question? We're here to help! Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions.

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What type of fundraising does Gertrude Hawk Chocolates offer?

We offer Seasonal Brochures for Fall/Holiday and Spring, year-round options include a Candy Bar Program and an in-store shopping program called Gertrude's Give Back. Explore our Fundraising programs in detail here.

Do you require any money upfront?

We do not require payment in advance.

What type of sales materials do you provide?

We offer FREE Sales Materials for all programs to help you achieve your fundraising goal. Discover some of our online resources here.

How are brochure orders packed?

ALL brochure orders are packed by individual seller for easy distribution.

What if something is wrong with the order?

If you find an error or issue with your order, no problem! Please report the problem within 3 business days of receipt and we will take care of it for you.

Do you require a minimum order?

Our brochure program requires a minimum order (in total) of $1000 for your organization to receive a profit. Our candy bar program requires a minimum order of 16 carriers. To receive free shipping, order a minimum of 32 carriers. Live near one of our store locations? Have your order shipped to our store for FREE, you can pick it up at your convenience. We apply a $50 shipping fee.

What is Gertrude's Give Back?

When you hold a Gertrude's Give Back fundraiser, your supporters simply shop any of our store locations over a pre-designated 3 day period. All purchases made during that time are calculated and WE GIVE BACK 20% of the total sales to your group.

Is there a minimum required to participate in Gertrude's Give Back?

We do not require a minimum to participate in this program.

Can an individual participate in Gertrude's Give Back? Or is it just for groups?

You must represent a group or organization to hold a Gertrude's Give Back fundraiser. A representative of the group must call or begin by filling out this form and our fundraising team will help set up the sale to to qualify for profit.

How do I start a Gertrude's Give Back campaign for my organization?

It's easy! Simply give us a call, 800-822-2032, ask to speak to one of our fundraising team members or begin by filling out this form. Our fundraising team will set up your organization for a Give Back sale for up to a 3 day period of your choice.

How will the store know to give credit to my group?

Be sure to tell your supporters to alert the store associate BEFORE they begin the checkout process. Supporters just need to give the GROUP NAME to the associate and the sale will be captured for credit. We can not honor purchases before or after the designated sale dates for your group.



I've created an Ultimate Account, but my seller (child's name) is not found?

There are 2 steps to complete before you can place a fundraising order in which your child will receive credit.
STEP 1: CREATE AN ACCOUNT. Once you have created an account, log in.
To add a Seller, after logging in, on the left hand side menu, click on “My Sellers”. It is the last item in the side bar menu.
You will be directed to the “My Sellers” screen. On the “My Sellers” screen, there is a “Add New Seller” button on the right hand side. Click on the "Add New Seller" button.
The button will open up the menu to add a New Seller. Fill out the form and then click “Save New Seller” button. The seller should now appear. You can add as many sellers as you need.


When can I expect to receive my fundraising order?

Fundraising orders, placed online and shipping WITH THE GROUP are shipped when the ENTIRE ORGANIZATION’S fundraiser has ended. Most fundraisers run for weeks and we do not process an organization until all orders are received. Your online order will ship once the organization's orders are processed (at the end of their fundraising period).
Orders shipping directly to homes will begin to ship first week of March.